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Mala Wright Acting Resume

“Mala is an amazingly talented actress and professional who brings a great scope of
confidence and dignity to her work. She was a pleasure to have as part of the principal cast
of "Brunch" and I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again.”
Todd Parker, Director of the film Brunch, Owner, Wilmor Production Services

"I wanted someone who knew about these characters, someone who has good instincts. When I asked her
for slight changes, she knew exactly what I wanted and nailed it.....She was fabulous."
Peter Chan, Director of the film, All of The Above as quoted from BackStage

"Very Funny."  Comedian/Host Chuck Nice on Mala's appearance on We Television's Cinematherapy

"Actress Mala Wright, who appears in three of the skits and has a hilarious turn as an old widow in
"The $800 Oil Change," is the strongest actor of the group and exhibits a great comedic pitch."
Mala's appearance in Wawapalooza 2: Get Shorti as reviewed by
Courier-Post Entertainment Editor Phaedra Trethan

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